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Too much time on my hands. Just a quick look at items within new posts today that have significant posts and/or views. Don't know if Troy tracks views from lurkers or not, but here is what I've seen today. Not 100% scientific because it only looks at what we are discussing right now.

12 significant threads posts over 20 and views over 500

grouped by categories I selected of steering, tops (hard and soft), engine, options (other), and "kappa killers" (stand alone thread)

Highest views, 10887 and posts, 318 is engine related

Top speculation is second in views and third in posts. 4364/104

Steering q's is third in views and 4th in posts. 2622/103

"Kappa killers" is fourth in views, but SECOND in posts 2466/124

Other options is fith and fith 1564/60

Interesting thing I see is that highest ratio of views/posts is top related, ratio of 44.5 to 1, maybe meaning more members are interested, but don't want to express their opinion; or more outsiders looking in that are interested in this topic (GM working on the top, waiting to see how we solve its operation?)

Engine and performance issues, although being most active, still has more views per post than steering and other options. 34 to 1

Steering issues scored about 72% higher in number of posts and 67% higher in views than other options but views to posts for both is appr 26 to 1

The thread "kappa killers" scored among this grouping the lowest view/posts of 20 to 1. Speculation that 1. this issue created more response from viewers, or 2. this category not as interesting to outside view.

Like I said to begin with WTMTOMH.

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We do have a good number of guests on the forum at any one time. Troy has indicated they are often just search engine spyders, but there are other people on too that are either members not logged in, or just lurkers.

I am sure there are plenty of lurkers who check out threads and don't post, and even more frequent posters may check a thread more times than they post in it.

It does seem like activity has been picking up again late this week, after a definate slowdown following the NAIAS.
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