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Who wants a turbo Solstice? (or supercharged whichever comes first)

I would be willing to put a deposit down NOW if I knew that GM would build a Solstice GT/GXP with a FI motor.

Preferrably news of the Solstice GT/GXP will come out later this year, fall 2005 announcement, perhaps around SEMA?

I wouldn't be surpised if the FI Solstice arrives for model year 2007, since there has already been leaks about a Sky redline, why wouldn't GM produce a Solstice version?

IMHO it's just a matter of time before GM announces the FI Solstice. Consider this; the Solstice and Miata will be pitted against one another in various magazine tests, if the Mazdaspeed miata trumps the Solstice in those tests, GM would HAVE to respond, their answer logically, would be the Solstice GT/GXP.
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