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Another article on GM's use of The Apprentice for branding the Solstice. Here's the only Solstice blurb.

Generally viewed as having achieved the most successful integration of "Apprentice 3," GM's Pontiac used the April 14 episode of the show to announce a national early-order program for its new Solstice two-seat roadster. When the car went on sale at 2 p.m. the next day, Pontiac sold 1,000 vehicles within 41 minutes and 7,100 within 10 days, selling out all the Solstices it planned to build for the year, said Pontiac director of marketing Mark-Hans Richer.

In addition, Pontiac's Web site traffic skyrocketed 1,400% the night the episode aired after "Apprentice" viewers were directed to download Solstice registration certificates online. Some 41,000 people actually filled out the online registration forms. Pontiac also produced the Solstice brochures made by the winning "Apprentice" team in the episode and had them available the next day in its dealerships. "We got far more value for our money than we invested in this," Richer said. "In our mind the experience could not have been more positive."
Full article:
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