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The astronomical summer solstice is June 21st, during the Nationals. The winter solstice is December 21st, very close to the traditional holidays, so...

This is to notify one and all Kappa owners and aficionados of the tenth annual Winter Solstice and Sky Celebration.


Baker's (same as last year)
2025 S. Milford Road
Milford, MI 48381


Sunday, January 13, 2019 1:00 PM

Not a ride, just a get together for food, drink, swapping Kappa stories and planning for warmer days to come. Bring your daily driver (and if your daily driver is a Kappa, that will work!)

Order from the menu...Individual billing.

A final note -- this IS Michigan and it IS winter, so the weather is an unknown. If the weather gets nasty, I will try and post a cancellation notice here on the forum no later than 11 AM on Sunday morning (and re-schedule).

Hope to see you there!

Radio Doc and Nancy :party:
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