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I worked on the shocks I received from *bay tonight. Let me start by saying the numbers on them match the LE5 ZOK parts listed here on the forum. The procedure I used was detailed in "Solstice Performance, How to go fast and have fun" by GMP.

The book says to use a punch but I thought a chisel would do less damage. A 5mm allen wrench, a 15mm wrench or extreme reach socket. Hammer, spring compressor, markers and the ever present air ratchet with 3/4" socket for comp.
I wanted to reassemble everything the way they came so I started by marking them to keep everything aligned.
The big squeeze, I like these compressors because the have a locking pin on them, still a table fixture would have been easier and safer. I tried to keep them even as I applied force and by measuring figured out how much to compress. Not a good pic, sorry.
Hold the shaft with a 5mm allen wrench while spinning off the 15mm lock nut. I like these extreme reach sockets by Kobalt.
After removing the lock nut the shock will slide out of the coil spring.
Try to keep the coil spring assembly together and set it aside, just makes things easier during assembly.
Remove the jounce bumper.
GM used a vice closed small enough to sit the spring perches on. I used a 2x10 with a 2 3/8" hole, lol. My way caused less damage I believe and the the shocks could not move around.
Using the chisel and hammer tap on the cap and keep spinning the shock till it comes off. You'll see I also marked where the cap should be on reassembly, didn't do this on the first and had no clue whether it was moving or when it was seated later on. The spring perches are just a slip fit so pull the upper one off and start putting everything back together, remember to line up your markings.

According to my mic this "should" lower my ride hieght by 1/2". By the last one it was taking about 15 mins to do, so not to bad. I'll start putting them on in the morning.
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