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ZOK Suspension and Lower COntrol Arms

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Reading the Pontiac Solstice Performance book How to Go Fast and Have fun. Page 79 lists ZOK parts, I see there is a listing for front and rear lower control arms. Are there different lower control arms when converting a FE3 to ZOK? The part numbers are 15224867/68 and 15224779/80
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This sentence deleted see next message.

See: http://www.solsticeforum.com/forum/f42/suspension-packages-usage-58501/

Message #1 in that thread was written by the guy that designed the suspension in all the Kappas. There is no mention of different control arms.

IMO, I wouldn't go that far unless you have more proof than that thread linked with the shock, spring, and stabilizer bar part #s .
I will yield to your statements since I do not have a copy of the book. I edited my previous message.

Thanks for the correction! :)
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